Cluster Management Permissions

Cluster management permissions control access and use across the entire cluster, including the ability to manage and assign organization level permissions.

Table: Other Permissions

Users Description Shorthand/API Name
Change feature flags Change the feature flags that enable functionality for the whole cluster or for a specific organization ChangeFeatureFlags
Change system permissions Change system permissions ChangeSystemPermissions
Change username Change the user name for an existing user ChangeUsername
Delete Falcon LogScale owned repository Delete a system LogScale repository DeleteHumioOwnedRepositoryOrView
Ingest across all repositories within cluster Allow data to be ingested across all repositories IngestAcrossAllReposWithinCluster
Manage parent child relationships between organizations ManageOrganizationLinks

Table: Subdomains Permissions

Users Description Shorthand/API Name
Change subdomains Change subdomain configurations ChangeSubdomains
List subdomains List available subdomains ListSubdomains

Table: Cluster management Permissions

Users Description Shorthand/API Name
Change bucket storage Change bucket storage configuration ChangeBucketStorage
Manage cluster Manage cluster parameters and operations. This permission also grants access to a lot of the Organization level permissions. ManageCluster
Patch global Allow modifying the global snapshot information [a] PatchGlobal
Read cluster health check Read the information generated by the cluster health check ReadClusterHealthCheck

[a] This permission should not be used without referring to LogScale support

Table: Organization management Permission

Users Description Shorthand/API Name
Delete organizations Delete organizations from the cluster DeleteOrganizations
Import organization Import organization to the cluster ImportOrganization
Manage customer organizations Manage customer organizations ManageOrganizations