Keyboard Shortcuts

The LogScale UI supports a number of keyboard shortcuts for navigation and selection. These are context specific and may not be available on all pages.

General Keyboard Navigation
Function macOS Windows
Next interaction point (e.g. link, form element or button) Tab or Option+Tab Tab
Previous interaction point Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Navigate between items, e.g. buttons or dropdown / / / / / /
Activate a currently selected link or button Enter / Space Enter / Space
Open link in new tab Cmd+Enter CtrlEnter
Open link in new window Shift+Enter Shift+Enter
Check or uncheck a checkbox. Space Space
Close the current modal dialog or dropdown menu esc esc
Jump to repositories or dashboards Ctrl+O Ctrl+O
LogScale Editor

These shortcuts are available in all editors for LogScale, as the Query or Parser editors.

Function macOS Windows
Show suggestions in query input Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Space
Apply query suggestion Tab Tab
Navigate down in query suggestions
Navigate up in query suggestions
Move cursor to the beginning/ end of a word Option+ / Option+ Alt+ / Alt+
Move cursor to start of line Ctrl+A Ctrl+A
Move cursor to end of line Ctrl+E Ctrl+E
Move cursor to start/end of code Shift / Shift Shift / Shift
Select text Shift and Shift Shift and Shift
Delete line ShiftCmdK ShiftCtrlK
Copy line up/down ShiftOption / ShiftOption ShiftAlt / ShiftAlt
Move line up/down Option / Option Alt / Alt
Insert line above ShiftCmdEnter ShiftCtrlEnter
Insert line below ShiftEnter ShiftEnter
Multiselect lines Cmd+Option++ Ctrl+Alt++
Comment lines Cmd+K Cmd+C Ctrl+K Ctrl+C
Uncomment lines Cmd+K Cmd+U Ctrl+K Ctrl+U
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