Creating a Repository or View

Security Requirements and Controls

After you log in to LogScale, the opening screen will show you the complete list of available repositories and views under the Repository and Views tab:

Screen shot of the LogScale Repositories and Views page showing a list of available repositories

Figure 20. Available Repositories


Organization owners and users need to have the necessary organization level permissions to be able to create a new repository or view.

To create a new repository or view:

  1. Click the Repository and Views tab

  2. Click + Add new and select one of the two icons:

    Screen shot showing the selection for picking the type of repository or view to be created

    Figure 21. Selecting the Repository or View type

  3. Fill in the forms for creating a repository or a view (fields marked with an asterisk are required and must be filled in).

    For a new repository:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Data Retention where you can specify ingest, storage and time limits for your new repository. Read more at Data Retention.

    New Repository Form

    Figure 22. New Repository Form

    For a new view:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Repository is the repository from which the view will be drawn or generated. Associated with that is the Event Filter: set it to how you want data filtered, for example you can limit the search to a subset of data. To retrieve all of the events in a repository, enter the * wildcard.

      When you choose a repository and enter a filter, another row is displayed for adding another repository and event filter. This allows you to pull data from multiple repositories.

    New View Form

    Figure 23. New View Form

You can't use views to view details from other views — only from repositories. Therefore, you can't link multiple views.

For configuring repositories or views and ingest data to LogScale to be stored in a repository, see Repository and View Settings.