Accessing the Deployed GCP LogScale Instance

To access the deployed cluster:

Configure DNS

To access the Humio cluster a DNS record needs to be created that points to the IP created by the ingress resource. The hosname will be the public URL specifide in previous steps. Use kubectl to look at the ingress resource:

$ kubectl -n logging get ingress
# example output
# name                          class    hosts   address      ports   age
# logscale-xxxxx-basic-ingress   none   *  80      20m

Configuring the DNS record depends on your DNS provider. In most cases an A record should be created that points to the public URL.

Logging In

Once the DNS records exist, you can now open the public URL in a browser and login. Since we are using static authentication mode, the username will be admin and the password can be obtained by running:

$ kubectl get secret logscale-XXXX-static-users  -n logging -o=template --template={{.data.users}} | base64 -D
# Example output: 
# Depending on the shell this might include a % sign, omit it when you copy the password.


This command uses base64 -D, but you may need to use base64 --decode if using Linux.