Helm Chart with Falcon CWP (Cloud Workload Protection)

The following issues have been noted when using the helm chart with Falcon CWP and can be safely ignored.

  • Container Running As Root (MEDIUM)

  • Container Running With Low UID (MEDIUM)

  • Non Kube System Pod With Host Mount (MEDIUM)

  • Readiness Probe Is Not Configured (MEDIUM)

  • Service Account Token Automount Not Disabled (MEDIUM)

  • Volume Mount With OS Directory Write Permissions (MEDIUM)

  • Workload Mounting With Sensitive OS Directory (MEDIUM)

  • Liveness Probe Is Not Defined (LOW)

  • Missing AppArmor Profile (LOW)

  • Pod or Container Without LimitRange (LOW)

  • Pod or Container Without ResourceQuota (LOW)

  • Secrets As Environment Variables (LOW)

  • Ensure Administrative Boundaries Between Resources (INFO)