LogScale Collector Configuration Elements

The LogScale Collector is configured via .yaml file either manually on a local file or in centralized way via the Config Editor.

The file is nested and the indention of the file is essential to the correct function of the LogScale collector. The first level of the file is as follows, however the elements fleetManagement and datadirectory cannot be used in remote configurations.

Element Description Contents
flags Optional configuration flags which allow certain additional behaviors like communication over HTTP. See Optional Flags( flags).
fleetManagement The set of details required of the instance to work with fleet management, see Managing Your Fleet for more on fleet management. This section must not be specified when using remote configuration and can only be used to enroll instance in fleet management without remote configuration management. See Fleet Management (fleetManagement).
dataDirectory Defines the where the LogScale Collector will create its "database", e.g. database.db file. This path is automatically set when you install the LogScale Collector. The name of the file or path to the folder. See dataDirectory.
sources This element allows you to define one or more data sources and a configuration for each data source including a sink for each source. See Sources & Examples for more information and examples for different source types.
sinks Defines where the data will be sent and specifications on the Queue ( queue), memory, compression, proxy configuration See Sinks ( sinks).