Deprecated: 1.30

This function is deprecated. Refer to match() function instead.

Enhances events with metadata. Data can be managed in the Files tab in the UI or be uploaded as CSV or JSON files using the files endpoint.

from[a]stringrequired  Specifies the source file.
includeArray of stringsoptional[b]all Specifies fields to include, defaults to all.
onArray of stringsrequired  Specifies which field(s) to join on; if passed as array the first is the field from the file, the second is from the event.

[a] The argument name from can be omitted.

[b] Optional parameters use their default value unless explicitly set

Omitted Argument Names

The argument name for from can be omitted; the following forms of this function are equivalent:




These examples show basic structure only; full examples are provided below.

lookup() Examples

Lookup rows from table users.csv where the userid column equals the id field of this event

lookup("users.csv", on=[userid,id])