Filter Match Highlighting

It is possible to highlight results in the Search page that match the filters applied in queries:

Filter Highlight

Figure 71. Filter Highlight

The feature is supported in the Event Listfor Text and Log Line Field Data Types, and results get highlighted in the Inspection Panel as well.

You can enable the feature from the Event List toolbar, by clicking the relevant icon next to the other display mode icons.

The default behavior of the feature is controlled from the General Settings by selecting the relevant checkbox:

Enabling Filter Highlight from Settings

Figure 72. Enabling Filter Highlight from Settings

Currently some limitations apply:

  • Filter match highlighting does not work when highlighting JSON, XML and other structured column formats where syntax highlighting is already applied.

  • The matching is done on a best-effort basis and performed after the search pipeline is executed. This means that highlighting may not be completely correct, especially in complex queries — when branching using case-statements for example.

  • If several filters match the same text in a field and the matches "overlap", parts or all of some matches from different filters may not be shown.