Adding & Removing Fields

You can select which of the result fields should be displayed or hidden to optimize the data visualized.

  1. Run a query as explained in Writing a New Query.

  2. In the Fields Panel click the + or - signs next to each field (see Figure 49, “Fields Panel”):

    • + adds the field to the currently displayed result.

    • - removes the field from the currently displayed result.


By default, LogScale displays fields coming from 200 events at most. You can display more data by clicking Fetch more on top of the Fields Panel on the left.

Another way to add column fields is from the Format Panel — click the brush at the top-right corner above the Event List to expand it:

Expanding the Format Panel

Figure 53. Expanding the Format Panel

The Format Panel stands as a separate area on the right-hand side of the User Interface and shows only the fields added as columns in the Event List:

Format Event List Panel

Figure 54. Format Event List Panel

From here, click + to add a new column in the Event List and format the field accordingly, see Column Properties.

Adding a New Field from the Format Panel

Figure 55. Adding a New Field from the Format Panel

Click the 🔄 icon in the Fields Panel (Figure 49, “Fields Panel”) to reset and remove any fields recently added and display the default results only.