Managing Field Aliasing

From the Configure schema and field aliasing tab, click an existing schema to perform the following operations:

  • Delete deletes the schema.

  • Edit allows renaming the schema or the existing fields, or adding new fields to the schema.

  • +Alias into this schema allows creating new field alias mappings associated with that schema.

  • Apply to view or repository allows selecting the scope of your schema.

Manage an Existing Schema

Figure 85. Manage an Existing Schema

Select a specific mapping under a schema to perform these actions:

  • Delete deletes the mapping from the schema it belongs to.

  • Edit allows you to:

    • rename the mapping

    • rename the vendor field names associated with the schema fields

    • edit the existing conditions/set a different condition to take effect in the mapping.

    Manage an Existing Field Mapping

    Figure 86. Manage an Existing Field Mapping