Gets the month of a timestamp field. (from 1 to 12)

asstringoptional[a]_month The name of the output field.
field[b]stringoptional[a]@timestamp The name of the input field.
timezonestringoptional[a]  The time offset to use e.g., -01:00. If not specified, the query's offset will be used.
timezoneFieldstringoptional[a]@timezone The name of the field containing the timezone to use, if not specified the query's timezone will be used. This is ignored if the timezone parameter is passed as well. If this is not defined the timezone offset of the query will be used.

[a] Optional parameters use their default value unless explicitly set

[b] The argument name field can be omitted.

Omitted Argument Names

The argument name for field can be omitted; the following forms of this function are equivalent:




These examples show basic structure only; full examples are provided below.