Downloading and Installing LogScale Collector Using Curl Commands(Full Install)

Available: Full Install v1.136.0

Full Install is supported as of LogScale 1.136, if you are using a prior version, see Downloading and Installing LogScale Collector using Installers (Custom Install) for information.

The following pages describe details how to download and install the LogScale Collector on all the Compatibility using the Full install, which provides a curl commands based on the operating system selected.


You must use this method if you want use Remote Version Management Managing Versions - Groups

  1. The LogScale Collector can be downloaded from the LogScale User Interface by authenticated users. To download the LogScale Collector go to Data ingest → LogScale Collector download.

    Download Page

    Figure 1. Download Page

  2. Choose Full install. Managing Versions - Groups centrally can only be used if you use Full install.

  3. Choose the version of the LogScale Collector you want to install.

  4. Copy, paste and run the curl command in the terminal of your machine to download and install LogScale Collector.

  5. Your instance will now be visible on Fleet Management Overview.

Post Installation Steps

Once you have downloaded and installed Falcon LogScale Collector you need to: