Deleting a Query Job

To stop and delete a running Query Job, you can issue a DELETE request to the URL of the Query Job.

Description Delete a previously created query job
MethodDELETE /api/v1/repositories/repo/queryjobs/id
Authentication Requiredyes
Path ArgumentsDescriptionData typeRequired?
id ID of the query job stringrequired
repo Name of repository to be searched stringrequired
Return Codes
200 Request complete
400 Request is malformed and either missing critical fields or the JSON is badly structured
500 Request failed

The request will return a standard HTTP response code indicating whether the operation was successful. See Standard HTTP response codes for more information on standard HTTP response codes.

For example, to delete a running query job:

$ curl https://$YOUR_LOGSCALE_URL/api/v1/repositories/$REPOSITORY_NAME/queryjobs/$ID \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $API_TOKEN"