What’s New in the Library

  • The training and tutorial pages have been updated with new information and structure to support our Humio Community Edition (Getting Started Tutorial)

  • The Packages documentation has been rewritten as part of our expansion of our Package support

  • We’ve added a new Endpoints document that outlines all of the different URLs you can use with Humio, whether you are on-prem, on cloud, or Humio Community Edition

Other Changes

  • The issue of double-clicking on search results has been addressed. You should no longer have to double click, while still being able to continue to type and select search results.

  • We’ve simplified the structure, so that version specific documentation and the core documentation (Knowledge Base, Reference, Release Notes) are in separate directories and locations with no shared content

  • The Library has a brand new search system which now covers the whole of the documentation library. Search is available on every page in the header bar, and let’s you search both the current and previous versions of the documentation. You can also report documents and searches that don’t work for you so we can improve the documentation over time.

  • We’ve improved the Table of Contents and navigation in the documentation to make it easier to find your way around, with a consistent TOC on the left, and in page and related links on the right.

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