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The Sandbox repository is not available within LogScale Community Edition, for customers on newer clusters and in certain self-hosted LogScale instances.

If you can't see the Sandbox in your list of repositories, use a regular repository to work with your data instead.

Some LogScale users have a private Repositories called the Sandbox.

The sandbox has the following limitations compared to normal repositories:

  • You cannot change retention

  • You cannot add multiple users

The retention settings are 7 days, 14 GB for ingest size and 3 GB for storage size.


Based on whether you are using LogScale self-hosted or LogScale Cloud the use-cases for the sandbox differ slightly.


If enabled, see envar-enable-sandboxes, you can use your sandbox as a testing area where you can create parser and ingest data without having to create a new Physical Repository, or impact one of your existing repositories.

LogScale Cloud

By creating Views that read from the Sandbox, you can easily create specialized repositories for each of your services and systems.

Interactive Tutorial Storage

When you create your LogScale account, the initial tutorial with demo data also uses the sandbox as storage, so don't be surprised to find tutorial events mixed with your own.

Part of our Foundational Concepts series: