Stable Release

Below is the latest Stable release of Humio. If you want to see the latest Preview release, go to the Preview Release page. For a list of all releases, Preview and Stable releases, go to the Release Notes page.

Remember, the way to distinguish between Preview and Stable releases is based on the secondary number for the release. If it’s an even number, it indicates it’s a stable release; if the secondary number is an odd number, it indicates it’s a preview of the stable release that will follow it. See the main Humio Releases page for a more detailed explanation of this numbering system.

Humio 1.30.0

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Indicator of Compromise

As a new feature Humio now includes an IOC (indicator of compromise) database from CrowdStrike to enable lookup of IP addresses, URLs and domains for malicious activity. This database is updated hourly. This is described in more detail at ioc:lookup()

Change Log

  • Major changes: 1.29.0

  • Minor fixes: 1.29.2

  • Minor fixes: 1.29.3

  • Minor fixes: 1.29.4

  • Fixed an issue where the UI page for new parser could have overflow in some browsers.

  • Fixed an issue where offsets from one Kafka partition could be used when deciding where to start consuming for another partition, in the case where there are too many datasources in the repo. This led to a crash loop when the affected node was restarted.

  • Fixed an issue where the query scheduler would spend too much time “shelving” queries, and not enough on getting them executed, leading to little progress on queries.