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Below is the latest Preview release of Humio. If you want to see the latest Stable release, go to the Stable Release page. For a list of all releases, Preview and Stable releases, go to the Release Notes page.

Remember, the way to distinguish between Preview and Stable releases is based on the secondary number for the release. If it’s an even number, it indicates it’s a stable release; if the secondary number is an odd number, it indicates it’s a preview of the stable release that will follow it. See the main Humio Releases page for a more detailed explanation of this numbering system.

Humio 1.29.4

Minor bug fixes



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Minor bug fixes

  • Added a GraphQL mutation cancelDeleteEvents that allows cancelling a previously submitted deletion. Cancellation is best-effort, and events that have already been deleted will not be restored.

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to submit queries to the Delete Events API that were not valid for that API. Only purely filtering queries are allowed.