Package Marketplace

The Package Marketplace provides a central location of packages directly available for installation within your Humio instance. Marketplace packages can be contributed by Humio, external companies, or the community.

To access the Humio Package Marketplace, select a repository, then select Settings and using the navigation panel on the left, select Marketplace within the Packages section.

Figure 1, Package Marketplace

If you know the name of the package you are searching for, use the search panel in the top right to find the package.

Packages are listed in alphabetical order using the package reference, which starts with the organization or application that the package covers, followed by the package specific name.

Clicking on an individual package will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the package information, including the description and contents provide by the package author.

Figure 2, Package Detail in Marketplace

On the installation panel on the right, you can see the detail of the package, including the Author, Package Type and pop-up Version list. You can choose which version of the package you want to install. For more information on installation and upgrading packages, see Installing and Upgrading Packages.

To navigate back to the package list, use the Back button at the top of the page.