Reference Information

The reference sections provide a detailed reference guide to the language, function and interfaces for using Humio.

Query Language

The Humio Query Language is the syntax that lets you compose queries to retrieve, process, and analyze data in Humio. This includes filters, assignment operators, and logical operators (e.g., and, or, not), as well as conditional and matching statements.

Query Functions

Humio’s query functions take a set of events, parameters, or configurations to produce, reduce, or modify values within that. Humio query functions either transform or combine data.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The Humio API provides a programmatic interface to everything that you can do with Humio’s UI, accessible through the HTTP API.

Command-Line Interface

The command-line interface to Humio.

If you want to know about installing, configuring, and using Humio software, go to the Documentation. For troubleshooting and best practices articles, go to the Knowledge Base.