Akka Configuration

Humio uses Akka internally. You can configure Akka properties in your own Humio installation.

The standard Humio configuration is set as described in Configuration. Changing Akka configuration is for more advanced use cases. Akka configuration is specified using a configuration file. Reference configurations are:

To extend the default Humio configuration, you have to create a new file that includes Humio’s default Akka configuration file. You do this by beginning with the line include "application".

docker run ... -v $YOUR_HUMIO_URL_PATH_TO_FILE:/humio-akka-application.conf

Then, tell Humio to read the new Akka configuration file using humio-config.env.

HUMIO_JVM_ARGS= ... -Dconfig.file=/humio-akka-application.conf

The -Dconfig.file option is added to the JVM arguments telling Akka where to look for the configuration file.

The above steps should enable the new configuration when starting Humio.

For better debugging it is possible to add akka.log-config-on-start = "on" to the configuration file. That will print the configuration at startup.

In this example we want to change the Akka log level.

include "application"
akka.log-config-on-start = "on"
akka.loglevel = "DEBUG"