Humio Installation

Humio is a fast and flexible platform for logs and metrics, available through Humio Cloud or self-hosted The easiest and best solution is to use Humio Cloud.

Humio Cloud

The Humio Cloud provides a managed deployment where Humio handle installing and maintaining all of the software. As a managed service, the team at Humio will ensure you are always using the late version, the newest features and security protection.

Within Humio’s Cloud offerings, we have two different regions, EU ( and US ( Within the documentation, we will refer to http://$YOUR_HUMIO_URL/, where $YOUR_HUMIO_URL is the URL for your particular Humio Cloud installation.

Humio Self-Hosted

An alternative to using Humio Cloud would be to self-host a Humio instance. There are a few ways of installing it. Below are links to methods you might use:

If you are getting started with Humio, we recommend running Humio as a Docker container since Docker contains the external dependencies needed, Kafka and Zookeeper. If you plan on running Humio on bare metal, please read our Single Node Setup documentation page.