Humio Cloud

The easiest way to start using Humio, is not to install it. Instead, just use Humio Cloud. With an account on Humio Cloud, you can skip installing Humio or any of the related software. To start, all you do is register at or to get a trial account.

From your Humio Cloud account, you can use the Interactive Tutorial to see how Humio works with sample data. If you like what you see, you can configure your server to send log and metric data to your private, Humio Cloud repository—while still using a trial account. This will allow you to see what Humio can do with your data. You might also read our Getting Started tutorial as a compliment to the trial cloud account. Once you’re convinced that Humio will work for you, you can make your trial account a permanent one. Then you can add several repositories.

Full documentation on using Humio Cloud is available in our Humio Cloud section of the Humio Library.