XY Chart

The XY Chart widget can be used to visualize any results containing two or more sets of correlated numerical values. The first set of numerical values in the result will function as points on the x-axis, whereas all following sets will be plotted as series in the chart.

Example: Displaying an XY Chart with a single series

Assume we have a service producing logs like the ones below:

2018-10-10T01:10:11.322Z payloadSize=1347 reponseTime=10.2ms
2018-10-10T01:10:12.172Z payloadSize=245 reponseTime=2.6ms
2018-10-10T01:10:14.122Z payloadSize=1472 reponseTime=11.5ms
2018-10-10T01:10:15.312Z payloadSize=1668 reponseTime=14.7ms
2018-10-10T01:10:16.912Z payloadSize=1411 reponseTime=10.8ms

We would like to make a xy chart showing the correlation between payloadSize and responseTime.

table([payloadSize, responseTime])

If you select the XY Chart Widget Type in the Widget Type dropdown, this query will produce one xy chart with the payloadSize as the x-axis and the responsetime as a series of plotted numerical values. Any additional inputs to the table() function field list would add more series to the chart.