Bar Chart

The Bar Chart widget can be used to visualize results of the groupBy() and top(). Unlike Pie Charts, Bar Charts can be used to show results multiple aggregates. If you provide several aggregate functions to the function argument of groupBy() it will display one result per function.

Below is an example of how to displaying several series per category. Assume we have a service producing logs like the ones below:

2018-10-10T01:10:11.322Z host=web01 reponseTime=10.2ms
2018-10-10T01:10:12.172Z host=web01 reponseTime=2.6ms
2018-10-10T01:10:14.122Z host=web02 reponseTime=11.5ms
2018-10-10T01:10:15.312Z host=web01 reponseTime=14.7ms
2018-10-10T01:10:16.912Z host=web03 reponseTime=10.8ms

We would like to make a bar char showing the maximum response time and the average response time per host.

groupBy(host, function=[max(responseTime), avg(responseTime)])

If you select the Bar Chart Widget Type in the Widget Type dropdown, this query will produce one bar chart with three categories (one per host) and two series one per aggregate result (_max, and _avg).