Statement of Support


The Humio Support Team is here to help. This document defines what we support in terms of our products and services. We gladly investigate & troubleshoot all production features within the Humio UI & API.

Scope of support is the term used to describe what we do and do not support. A defined scope of support is necessary to ensure that we provide effective support. Please note that any support offered beyond the scope defined here is done at the discretion of that individual Support Engineer. When in doubt about what you can receive assistance with, this Statement of Support should be your guide.

Humio Cloud

The Humio Cloud clusters are regularly upgraded to the latest version. You can see the version on the bottom of each page and may want to refer to the Release Notes for any new features.

We recommend that all Cloud customers subscribe to our status page to be aware of any availability issues.

Feature Limitations

Due to the hosted nature of our Cloud service, there are some features that are not available on the Cloud instances. This will be indicated in the documentation of the feature.

Community Edition

Community Edition is not eligible for Humio Support; however, there are several community resources available to you:

Self-Hosted Humio

We are limited in the support we can provide for self-hosted customers due to limited access to your systems. When you contact support, please always provide your version, versions of any related software such as Kafka or Zookeeper, and any supporting files & screenshots available. Please also provide any relevant details of your system, such as deployment method, instance sizes, and architecture details.

We may ask you to ship your logs into the Humio Cloud so that we can troubleshoot effectively.

Insufficient Hardware or Environment

If you contact support and we determine that your deployed environment is running on hardware that does not meet minimum requirements, is not sufficient to support your queries, or has been misconfigured, we will provide guidance on recommended hardware or instance requirements, supported environments, and Humio configurations. We will be unable to assist with issues that stem from deployment issues beyond this guidance.


We release new versions fairly frequently, and encourage everyone to run the latest stable version to ensure that you have the most secure & feature-rich experience. For more details on our versioning and release schedule, please see our documentation on Understanding Releases.

Version Support

We support a major version for one year from the date the new major version is released. For example, when Humio 2.0 is released, we will continue supporting the last stable version of 1.x until 1 year after 2.0 is released.

We support a stable minor version for one calendar year from release. The specific date is noted on the release notice.

Preview minor versions are unsupported after the release of the corresponding stable version. For example, 1.29.x would become unsupported as soon as 1.30.0 is released.

Upgrade Support

If you contact support about issues while running an unsupported version of Humio, we will assist you in upgrading to a supported version, providing guidance on minimum upgradeable versions. We will not be able to assist with any issues not related to the upgrade. Due to the frequent update cycle on our versions, there are many updates within a year, and many issues experienced in an unsupported version have been fixed in newer versions.

If you contact support about an issue that has been fixed in a newer version of Humio than what you are running, we will assist you in upgrading to the version that has the fix.

Third-Party Version Sunsetting

We are not able to support Humio working with any other software that is no longer supported. Unsupported in this context means that the vendor has stopped providing generally available full support, or the vendor or maintainer’s documentation states that the version is in end-of-life, sunsetted, deprecated, or similar status.

For example, if we’re troubleshooting an issue between Humio & Kubernetes and you’re running Kubernetes 1.18, which is unsupported, we will ask you to upgrade your Kubernetes version before continuing work on the issue.

If any software in your system that Humio is interacting with is a version that has been sunsetted, we will ask you to upgrade to a supported version and will be unable to assist you further. Please also note our Browser Requirements for interacting with the web interface.

Out of Scope

We will not be able to assist with issues stemming from your server’s hardware or configuration, third-party software, or customer-written code. Humio is a technical product that interacts with a variety of other tools, and we expect our users to be capable of managing the technologies that interact with Humio. We will ensure Humio is behaving properly and interacting with the technology in an expected manner, and may provide our expertise on related software as a courtesy. Any implementation, functionality, or use cases discovered that are not documented in Humio documentation are not supported.

Beta Features

A feature may be labeled as Beta in the UI or documentation. As these features have not been fully tested, they may have bugs or errors and may have breaking changes in a future release. The nature of these issues will require more time to investigate, as well as coordination & feedback to Engineering. Support is provided on a best-effort courtesy basis, and there is no guaranteed response time for these issues.


Packages created by Crowdstrike or Humio are supported as production features except where identified as Beta offerings. We are not able to support any third-party packages and encourage you to contact the package maintainer. All Marketplace Packages are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

GitHub projects

We do not support all of the public projects related to Humio on GitHub. We only support the projects listed on the integrations page.