Published on 2018-10-12 00:00:00

Humio 1.1.25

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Adds Worldmap and Sankey visualizations and SAML authentication support.

Change Log

  • New visualizations: Worldmap and Sankey.

  • New visualization helper functions geohash, worldmap, sankey.

  • The new visualizations require a change to the CSP. If you have your own CSP, you need to add 'unsafe-eval' to the script-src key.

  • New query syntax: match on a field that eases matching for several cases on a single field.

  • Support using filebeat to ship logs from Helm chart for ingest logs from a Kubernetes cluster. The message can be in the field log or message.

  • The update services widget that “phones home” to can now only be disabled if you have a license installed.

  • Bug Fix: Performance regression in functions table, sort, tail and head that slowed them down a lot when the limit was larger than 100.

  • Bug Fix: S3 archiving now handles grouped tags properly, generating one file for each tag combination also for grouped tags.

  • Bug Fix: Split function could use the timestamp of one event in more of the following events than those that originated in that event.

  • Bug Fix: Importing repositories from another Humio instance has repository ID where repository name was required.

  • Bug Fix: Searching using ... | *foo*** | ... is identical to ... | foo | ... since plain text searches are always substring matches. But the former got turned into a full-string regex match for ^.*foo.*$ which is 10-30 times slower compared to the fast substring search in Humio.