Published on 2018-09-21 00:00:00

Humio 1.1.19

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Cluster administration, dashboard clone/export/import and faster startup on large datasets.

Change Log

  • Dashboards can now be copied to other repos and exported and imported as templates.

  • New cluster management actions for reassigning partitions to hosts and moving existing data to other hosts.

  • Auto-nice long running queries, making them take on lower priority compared to younger queries, measured by cputime spent.

  • Generate pretty @display value in split() function.

  • Fix #2263, support for !match().

  • Bug Fix: HUMIO_KAFKA_TOPIC_PREFIX was not applied to all topics used by Humio, only where the name matched global-*".

  • Startup of the server is now much faster on large datasets.

  • Faster response on cluster management and entering the search page.

  • Upgrading to this version requires running at least v1.1.0. If you run an older version, upgrade to v1.1.18, then v1.1.19.

  • Setting INGEST_QUEUE_INITIAL_PARTITIONS in config decides the initial number of partition in the ingest queue. This only has effect when starting a fresh Humio cluster with no existing data.

  • Allow negative index in splitString, which then selects from the end instead of from the start. -1 is the last element.