Humio Server 1.7.1 Preview (2020-01-06)

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Bug Fixes and Removal of Limitations

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Allow explicit auto as argument to the span parameter in bucket and timechart. This makes it easier to set span from a macro argument.

    • Bug fix: Saved Queries/macros was not expanded when checking if a live dashboard query could reuse an existing query.

    • Bug fix: Reuse of live dashboard queries on the humio-search-all repository did not work correctly. As an effect the number of live queries could keep increasing.

    • Bug fix: Handle large global snapshot files (larger than 2 G).

    • Remove 64 K restriction on individual fields to be parsed by parsers.

    • Bug fix: The Postmark integration was always assuming a from address. This has been fixed by introducing a new POSTMARK_FROM configuration parameter.