Humio Server 1.7.0 Preview (2019-12-17)

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Join, Bucket Storage Backend, Query Quotas, UI Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • UI: The time selector on dashboards now allow panning and zooming - like the one on the search page.

    • UI: Bug Fix - Ensure counts of fields and value occurrences on the event list are reliable.

    • Function: New function xml:prettyPrint()

    • Top Feature: Query errors will now be highlighted as-you-type in on the search page.

    • UI: Queries page removed, and delete and edit saved query functionality moved into "Queries" dropdown on search page.

    • Upgrading: After installing this version, it is not possible to roll back to a version lower than 1.6.10. Be on version 1.6.10 before upgrading to this version.

    • UI: Word-wrap and event list orientation is now sticky in a session, meaning revisiting the search page will keep the previous selected options.

    • Function: New function callFunction, allows you to call a Humio function by name. This is useful if you for instance want a dashboard where you can control what statistics your widgets show based on a parameter, e.g. timechart(function=callFunction(?statistic, field=response_time))

    • Function: The function top has a new max=field argument, that can be used to make it work as a more efficient alias a groupby/sort combination, like top(field, max=value, limit=5) is equivalent (and much faster than) groupby(field, function=max(value)) | sort(limit=5).

    • Top Feature: Query quotas allowing limiting how many resources users can use when searching, see Query Quotas

    • UI: Bug Fix - Don't show "unexpected error" screen when Auth Token expires.

    • UI: Add support for loading a specific time window when launching a dashboard, by setting time= and window= in the URL.

    • Top Feature: Joins allowing subqueries and joining data from multiple repositories, see Join.

    • Top Feature: The "Queries" page has been replaced with a dropdown on the Search page, that allows searching saved and recent queries.

    • Top Feature: Bucket Storage with support for S3 and Google cloud storage, see See Bucket Storage.

    • UI: Improved Query Monitor in the administration section, making it much easier to find expensive queries. See Query Monitor

    • UI: Improve word-wrap and allow columns in the event list to be marked as 'autosize'. Autosizing columns will adapt to the screen size when word-wrap is enabled.

    • Function: New function json:prettyPrint()

    • UI: Allow disabling automatically searching when entering a repository search page, on a per-repo basis.

  • Configuration

    • Config: Autosharding can now bet set "sticky" which means fixed as set by user on a specific (input) datasource. The API also allows listing all autosharding rules, both system-manages and sticky.

    • Config: Add SHARED_DASHBOARDS_ENABLED configuration setting which allows disabling access to the shared dashboards feature - if e.g. your organization has strict security policies.

    • Config: COMPRESSION_TYPE=high is now the default compression type. Clusters running with default configuration, will change to high compression unless the configuration COMPRESSION_TYPE=fast is set.

  • Functions

    • Function: The implementation of the percentile function has been updated to be more precise (and faster).

  • Other

    • Use case-insensitive comparison of usernames (historically an email address) when logging into Humio.

    • Java 13 is the recommended Java version. Docker images are now running Java 13.

    • New stable/preview release versioning scheme. See description.