Humio Server 1.5.19 Archive (2019-07-03)

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File based parameters on dashboards. This release makes it easier to configure load balancers by adding sticky session headers to most UI Http requests.

Bug Fixes

  • Other

    • Make failover to the next node in digest when a node gets shut down gracefully faster by delaying the shutdown a few seconds while letting the follower catch up.

    • Improved performance on servers with many cores for functions (such as top) that may require large states internally.

    • The HTTP request header Humio-Query-Session is now added to most requests from the UI.

    • New shared files. Shared files can be used like the existing files, that are uploaded to repositories. A shared file is visible in all repositories and can be used by everyone. Only root users can create and manage them. For now, shared files can only be added using Humio's Lookup API. Shared files are visible in the files tab in all repositories for all users. Root users can also edit and delete shared files there. Shared files can be used from query functions like function lookup() and function match() they are referenced using the path /shared/filename.

    • Bug Fix: Fixed Interval Queries on dashboards used the time of the dashboard being loaded as the definition of "now". It will now use the time of the last change in the dashboard's global time.

    • New type of parameter: Dashboards can now have file based parameters, which are populated with data from files uploaded to Humio