Humio Server 1.5.14 Archive (2019-05-29)

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Improved Pre-Filters

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • `cidr(): When file and column` parameters are used together, load subnet list from given CSV.

    • The disk space occupied by the pre-filter files now get included when enforcing retention by compressed size.

    • Bug Fix: When an alert fails to send the notification, don't restart the query, just retry the notification later.

    • Improved pre-filters to support more searches while adding less overhead in disk space.

    • The format of the new hash5h2 files is different from the previous bloom5h1 and the system will generate new files from scratch for all existing segment files and delete any existing bloom5h1 file.

    • New config: HASHFILTER_FILL defaults to 30. Sets the target number of percent bits to be set in the pre-filters. (Range 10-.0).

    • New config: BLOCK_SIZE_MIN_KB defaults to 384. Select minimum target block size for data files, in KB.

    • New config: BLOCK_SIZE_MAX_KB defaults to 1024. Select maximum target block size for data files, in KB.