Humio Server 1.2.6 Archive (2019-01-11)

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Maintenance Build

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Improved detection of alerts that are canceled to get them restarted.

    • World map function now accepts the "precision" parameter for the geohash function embedded inside worldmap().

    • Expose Humio metrics to Prometheus. The port needs to be configured using the configuration parameter PROMETHEUS_METRICS_PORT.

    • Allow GET/HEAD on elastic _bulk emulation API without auth. Some client poll that API before posting event.

    • Expose Humio metrics as JMX.

    • Bug Fix: extracting a field from within a tag-field could make the query optimizer fail.

    • Allow both Basic-auth and OAuth on all ingest endpoints. We recommend putting tokens in the password field of the authentication.

    • Bug Fix: When using select() and not including @timestamp, that field got included in exported files anyway. Now it gets included when specified as a selected field.

    • Bug Fix: "stats" function (The [] operator for functions) did not pass on the data used to select default widget.

    • Bug Fix: Calendar in query interval selector had time zone problems.

    • HEC endpoints now accepts input from Docker Splunk logging driver. You can thus get your docker container logs into Humio using this logging driver. All you need to do is add --log-driver=splunk --log-opt splunk-token=$TOKEN --log-opt splunk-url=https://humioserver to your docker run.

    • S3 archiving: Include all tag keys in generated file names, also those listed in the configuration.