Humio Server 1.0.39 Archive (2018-01-04)

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Regular update release.

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Filebeat configuration now utilises tags in parsers. The Filebeat configuration is still backward compatible.

    • Netflow support for on premises customers. It is now possible to send Netflow data directly to Humio. It is configured using Ingest listeners.

    • Tag sharding. A tag with many different values would result in a lot of small datasources which will hurt performance. A Tag will be sharded if it has many different values. For example, having a field user as tag and having .0.0 Different users could result in .0.0 datasources. Instead the tag will be sharded and allowed to have 16 different values (by default). In general do not use a field with high cardinality as a tag in Humio.

    • Fix bug #19 uploading files to be used with the lookup() function.

    • Tags can be defined in parsers (see tagging).

    • Root user management in the UI. A gear icon has been added next to the "Add Dataspace" button, if you are logged in as a root user. Press it and it is possible to manage users.

    • Added stdDev() function.

    • Better Bro integration.

    • Datasources are autosharded into multiple datasources if they have huge ingest loads. This is mostly an implementation detail.