Humio Server 1.0.36 Archive (2017-12-14)

VersionTypeRelease DateEnd of SupportUpgrades FromData MigrationConfig. Changes

Regular update release.

Bug Fixes

  • Summary

    • Syntax highlighting in the event list for certain formats including Json.

    • Event List Results are now horizontally scrollable, though limited in length for performance reasons.

    • Typo Corrections in the Tutorial

    • Different View Modes have been made more prominent in the Search View by the addition of tabs at the top of the result view. As we extend the visualization to be more specialized for different types of logs we expect to add more Context Aware tabs here, as well as in the inspection panel at the bottom of the screen.

    • Styling improvement on several pages.

    • Scrolling the event list or selecting an event will pause the result stream while you inspect the events, this especially makes it easier to look at Live Query results. Resume a stream by hitting Esc or clicking the button.

    • New Search View functionality allows you to sort the event list to show newest events at the end of the list.

    • Performance improvements in timecharts.