The core documentation for Humio Server provides the User Manual for administering and using the core Humio Server functionality.

  • Humio Installation

    Details on how to self-install Humio Server using containers, bare metal, or your own cloud infrastructure.

  • Humio User Interface

    How to use the Humio Server User Interface

  • Ingesting Data

    How ingest data, including using log shipperds and the Humio Log collector.

  • Repositories and Views

    Data is organised within Humio Server into repositories, this section outlines how to use and administer these repositories.

  • Parsers

    Parsers process incoming information during ingestion into fields and tags to make searching and querying the data easier.

  • Querying Data

    The process of querying and extracting data, including a guide on building queries, the query language, functions, and sample structures.

  • Dashboards

    Queries can be visualized using Widgets, including graphs, guages wand worldmaps, and these in turn can be combined into dashboards giving a single view of a collection of metrics from your Humio data, this section covers creation of these components and dashboards.

  • Humio Cloud

    Using the Cloud deployments of Humio, including security, authentication and archiving.

  • Automation and Alerts

    Automation allows integration and notifications through the Humio infrastructure.

  • Packages

    Packages provide discrete expansion of the Humio Server environment, collecting together parsers, queries, widgets and dashboards for specific third-party integrations. New packages can also be created and shared across installations through the Humio Package marketplace.

  • Humio Administration

    How to manage your Humio installation, covering backups, internal logging and management of your Humio licencsing and querying performance.

  • Security & Authentication

    How to secure your Humio cluster, configure security and authenetication for your installation and ensure that your data and access to it is managed effectively.

  • Cluster Management

    Advice and guidance on effective management of your cluster.