Humio Log Collector 1.1.0 GA (2022-06-25)

VersionTypeRelease DateEnd of SupportUpgrades FromData MigrationConfig. Changes
1.1.0GA2022-06-252023-06-25  Yes
ValueJAR Checksum

Extended support and functionalities.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Collecting Data

    • The log collector supports for reading gzip and bzip2 compressed files by default.

    • Updated cmd source support

    • JournalD source support

    • Support for Multiline logs

  • Managing Data

    • The user can use environment variables to configure:

      • ingest tokens

      • the field values in the static field transform

      • the environment for any command run through the cmd source

    • Disk queue support

    • Transform Static fields

    • Filter Windows event log by EventID

    • The queue configuration option fullAction: deleteLatest has been removed are set to the default pause.