Log Collector Releases

The latest release is Humio Log Collector 1.1.0

VersionTypeRelease DateEnd of SupportUpgrades FromData MigrationConfig. Changes
1.1.0GA2022-06-252023-06-25  Yes
1.0.2Stable2022-05-052023-04-23  Yes
1.0.1Stable2022-04-252023-04-23  Yes
1.0.0Stable2022-04-232023-04-23  Yes

The current version Humio Log Collector offers:

  • Collects from local files using a glob pattern (so single file, directory, recursive, etc), windows event logs, JournalD, system logs and exec.

  • Ships all existing events in the file

  • Tails for new events in the file

  • handles single and multi line events

  • @collect.* metadata attached to the events including unique collector ID, hostname, @collect.timestamp etc

  • Buffers in memory

  • Sends data to Humio instance based on ingest token or environment variable

  • Offers a sub-second ingest lag between a line being written and sent to Humio (configurable)

  • Offers Network compression which defaults to ON

  • Supports HTTP(S) proxies

  • Supports reading from gzip and bzip2 compressed files by default. Note that the log collector has no notion of binary data so if a file.tar.gz is encountered the binary tar data will be shipped.