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Check our Knowledge Base for Troubleshooting, Best Practice and How-To guides

The Humio Knowledge Base contains examples of best practice, how-to guides and error and resolution information for issues that may arise while using Humio.

For help from the Humio community, please post questions on the Humio Community Slack channel where community members can offer assistance.

If you need more immediate and personalized assistance, you can submit a Support Request with us at Humio. If you're already a Support client, you can check on outstanding requests by signing into Support.

The articles are broadly collected into the following types:

  • Troubleshooting Articles — these identify a specific error or error condition, and then describe the potential causes and resolutions

  • How-To Articles — guides on how to complete specific tasks that may cover one or more parts of the product

  • Questions — answers to questions on specific topics

  • Best Practice Articles — advice on the correct configuration, deployment environments, and administration practice

Recent Best Practice Articles

Best practice material for the best or optimal way to deploy and use your Humio installation.

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