Best Practice: Upgrading a Humio Cluster

Last Updated: 2022-01-01


What is the best approach for upgrading a Humio Cluster to ensure nothing is lost?


The recommended method is to shutdown the entire cluster, upgrade each node in place, and then restart the cluster. This ensures that all nodes are upgraded to the same version at the same time.

The recommended method for upgrading Humio is:

  1. Confirm the target upgrade version from your current version. Check the Release Notes to identify the comparible upgrade version. Each release always shows the minimum upgrade version.

  2. Shutdown Humio on each node within your Humio cluster.

  3. Unless the release notes for your version explicitly recommend a change to your Kafka or Zookeeper configuration, you do not need to shutdown Kafka and Zookeeper.

  4. Install the new version of Humio, for example my updating the version of the Humio JAR or tarball.

  5. Start Humio on each node.

More information on updating a Humio cluster see Updating Humio in a Cluster.