Humio exposes a variety of Humio Metrics that can be used to monitor its performance. If you use Prometheus, setting the PROMETHEUS_METRICS_PORT configuration will open a TCP port for Prometheus to scrape metrics from Humio:

ini files

You can double-check that this is working by curling that port on your installation:

ini files
curl http://$YOUR_HUMIO_URL:8081

If it's working properly, you should see a long list of metrics returned.

Configuring Prometheus

You can use a fairly standard Prometheus scraper job for this. A very basic example Prometheus config for this is as follows:

ini files
scrape_interval: 1m
scrape_timeout: 10s
evaluation_interval: 1m

- job_name: humio

  scrape_interval: 30s
  scrape_timeout:  5s

  sample_limit: 1000

  metrics_path: /
  scheme: http

  - targets: ['', '', '']
      service: humio

The metrics need to be scraped from all Humio nodes in your cluster. Prometheus will need access to whatever port you specify whether through a reverse proxy / load balancer or by directly hitting the Humio nodes themselves.