Event Forwarders

Event forwarders are owned by an organization and can be shared by repositories in that organization. Currently, there is no UI to configure event forwarders, so you need to do that using the GraphQL API.

You can use the following queries:

  • eventForwarders

You can also use the following mutations:

  • createKafkaEventForwarder

  • updateKafkaEventForwarder

  • testKafkaEventForwarder

  • deleteEventForwarder

The mutation testKafkaEventForwarder is used to test that Humio can connect to the configured event forwarder.


You need to be root to use this API.

Kafka Configuration

To configure an event forwarder, you need to specify the Kafka topic as well as the properties for the Kafka producer. You will need to specify at least the bootstrap.servers property.

Below are some example properties:


You will have to setup the Kafka server and create the topic yourself, Humio will only configure a Kafka producer to send messages to the topic.


If you use the same Kafka server(s) for event forwarding as you use for Humio, you need to make sure that it has enough resources, otherwise, Humio performance will be degraded.