updateSettings( )

The updatesettings GraphQL mutation field is used to set flags for User Interface states and help messages. This field is not yet available. It's described here as a preview. This mutation is dictated by the needs of the Humio User Interface, and may include unstable or ephemeral settings.

For more information on configuring all aspects of Humio, see the Configuration Settings reference section.


Below is the syntax for the updatesettings mutation field:

   isWelcomeMessageDismissed: Boolean
   isGettingStartedMessageDismissed: Boolean
   isCommunityMessageDismissed: Boolean
   isPackageDocsMessageDismissed: Boolean
   isEventListOrderedWithNewestAtBottom: Boolean
   isFieldPanelOpenByDefault: Boolean
   automaticallySearch: Boolean
   clientMutationId: String
   uiTheme: UiTheme
   isDarkModeMessageDismissed: Boolean
   isResizableQueryFieldMessageDismissed: Boolean
): UserSettings!