addFunctionsToAllowList( )


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The addfunctionstoallowlist GraphQL mutation field is used to enable functions for use with a specified language version. This field is not yet available. It's described here as a preview and is used only for internal testing.

For more information on functions, see the Function Syntax reference page.


Below is the syntax for the addfunctionstoallowlist mutation field:

addFunctionsToAllowList(input: FunctionListInput!): boolean!

For the input (i.e., addFunctionsToAllowList), there is one parameter, a boolean, that may be given: Whether to enable functions for use with a specified language version. This is a preview and for interal testing. See FunctionListInput Table below.

Given Data Types

Within the parameters of the addFunctionsToAllowList input, there is the FunctionListInput mutation datatype, which has several parameters.

Table: FunctionListInput

versionLanguageVersionEnumyes input functionlistinput The version of the Humio query language to use. The LanguageVersionEnum choices are legacy, xdr1, or xdrdetects1.
functionsstringyes The list of functions.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields this column indicates that a result will always being returned for it.