The KafkaClusterDescription datatype includes settings various settings.

Table: KafkaClusterDescription

clusterIDstringyes datatype kafkaclusterdescription The unique identifier of the cluster.
nodesKafkaNodeyes The list of Kafka nodes in the cluster. See KafkaNode Table.
controllerKafkaNodeyes The Kafka node that is the controller of the cluster. See KafkaNode Table.
logDirDescriptionsKafkaLogDiryes Descriptons of the Kafka log directories. See KafkaLogDir Table.
globalEventsTopicKafkaTopicDescriptionyes text See KafkaTopicDescription Table.
ingestTopicKafkaTopicDescriptionyes text See KafkaTopicDescription Table.
chatterTopicKafkaTopicDescriptionyes text See KafkaTopicDescription Table.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields this column indicates that a result will always being returned for it.