The HumioMetadata datatype includes settings various settings.

Table: HumioMetadata

isFeatureFlagEnabledfeatureFeatureFlag: booleanyes datatype humiometadata Returns enabled features that are likely in beta.
externalPermissionsbooleanyes text
isClusterBeingUpdatedbooleanyes Whether the cluster is being updated, based on differences in the cluster node versions. This is an experimental field used to improve the user experience during cluster upgrades.
minimumNodeVersionstringyes The lowest detected node version in the cluster. This is an experimental field used to improve the user experience during cluster upgrades.
environmentEnvironmentTypeyes The type of environment on which Humio is running: ON_PREM, ON_CLOUD, or ON_COMMUNITY
clusterIdstringyes The unique identifier of the cluster.
publicUrlstringyes The public URL. This is deprecated: it's been moved to the organization.
regionsRegionSelectDatayes The name and URL for the region. See RegionSelectData Table
sharedDashboardsEnabledbooleanyes Whether the shared dashboards are enabled.
isAutomaticUpdateCheckingEnabledbooleanyes Whether automatic update checking enabled.
authenticationMethodstringyes The authentication method used for the cluster node.
organizationMultiModebooleanyes text
externalGroupSynchronizationbooleanyes Whether external group synchronization is enabled.
allowActionsNotUseProxybooleanyes text
isUsingSmtpbooleanyes Whether Humio is using SMTP.
isPendingUsersEnabledbooleanyes Whether allowing pending users is enabled.
scheduledSearchMaxBackfillLimitintegeryes text
isExternalManagedbooleanyes text
isApiExplorerEnabledbooleanyes Whether the API Explorer is enabled.
eulaUrlstringyes The URL for where the End-User License Agreement can be found.
deleteBackupAfterlongyes The time in ms after which a repository has been marked for deletion it will no longer be restorable.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields this column indicates that a result will always being returned for it.