The Account datatype includes settings various settings.

Table: Account

idstringyes datatype account The unique identifier for the account.
enabledFeaturesForAccountFeatureFlagyes Features that are enabled for the account (see FeatureFlag Table).
usernamestringyes The user name for the account.
isRootbooleanyes Whether the account is granted root access.
isOrganizationRootboolean  Whether the organization is granted root access.
fullNamestring  The user's full name (e.g., Bob Smith). Don't use if using other name parameters.
firstNamestring  The user's actual first name (e.g., Bob). Don't use with fullName.
lastNamestring  The user's actual last name or family name (e.g., Smith). Don't use with fullName.
phoneNumberstring  The telephone number for Humio to use for telephone text messages.
emailstring  The account's email address for communications from Humio.
picturestring  File name of an image file for the account.
settingsUserSettingsyes Various default settings for user accounts (see UserSettings Table).
createdAtdatetimeyes The data and time the account was created.
countryCodestring  The two-letter ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code for the country of residence (e.g., us).
stateCodestring  The two-letter, ISO 3166-2 country sub-division code for the state of residence (e.g., ny).
companystring  The name of the company for the account.
canCreateCloudTrialRepobooleanyes Whether the account may create a cloud trial repository.
isCloudProAccountbooleanyes Whether the account is a cloud professional account.
canCreateRepobooleanyes Whether the account can create a repository.
externalPermissionsbooleanyes Whether permissions are managed externally.
externalGroupSynchronizationbooleanyes Whether there is group synchronization.
currentOrganizationOrganizationyes Information on the Organization (see OrganizationTable).
alertStatsTriggerStatsyes Defines which types of issues are currently active across triggers on multiple views (see OrganizationTable).
scheduledSearchStatsTriggerStatsyes Defines which types of issues are currently activeacross triggers on multiple views (see OrganizationTable).
notificationsNotificationyes Any account notifications (see OrganizationTable).
announcementNotification  Any announcements for the account (see OrganizationTable).
tokenPersonalUserToken  The personal user token table for the account (see OrganizationTable).

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields this column indicates that a result will always being returned for it.