DescriptionS3_ARCHIVING_USE_HTTP_PROXY Environment Variable

The first two options here are for setting the S3 access keys for archiving of ingested logs in an export format.

You could instead point to your own hosting endpoint for the S3 to use for archiving. To use a non-AWS endpoint with the S3_ARCHIVING_ENDPOINT_BASE, setting it to the URL (e.g., http://my-own-s3:8080).

ini files

The third option here is to set the number of parallel workers for upload. The default is 1. The fourth option is to say whether to use the globally configured HTTP proxy for communicating with S3. This is enabled by default.

The fourth option here makes Humio assume the that the primary data storage may be lost when restarting Humio. If set to true, Humio will attempt to delay shutdown until all required files have been copied to bucket storage. It also affects calculations on replicas to take into account the fact that replicas listed on other hosts cannot be trusted.

Humio can also be configured not to use the proxy server for communication with S3 for Bucket Storage, and S3 Archiving.