Automation and Alerts

Automating searches and responses and creating alerts and notifications for events

This part of the Humio Library documents the latest version of Humio software, as well as provides information on related tools. It can also include information on features available in upcoming versions of Humio that haven't been released yet. For such text, the new version number is noted.


To learn how to create an Alert, click on the heading here to see our documentation with detailed instructions and screenshots on creating Alerts using the Humio User Interface.


You can keep Alerts from triggering multiple times in a short period of time by setting the throttle, so that it won't trigger again until after the throttle period has passed. Basically and typically, you'll get one Alert for a batch of events, rather than one for each event.

Scheduled Searches

As part of the Humio Alert system, you may integrate it with an incident management system, as well as a security monitoring system. These systems can be used to notify teams of issues without requiring you to monitor or view the dashboard.