Humio Alerts can be set to trigger various acts, such as informing an administrator of a potential problem with your servers. Said another way, an Action is a module that can be invoked from a trigger. A trigger runs a query in Humio, and if the query result contains any events, these are sent to the Action. A trigger can be either an Alerts or a Scheduled Searches


Prior to version 1.19 of Humio, Actions were previously called Notifiers.

Humio currently supports the following Action types:

Configuring an Action

To configure an Action in Humio, go to Alerts --> Action --> New Action. From there, select a type of Action from the Action Type drop-down list. You will need to assign each Action a name.

See Message Templates and Variables for more information on variables that may be used in a message.

Custom Actions

If the built-in Actions are not enough and you need to make something custom, Humio supports Webhooks that allow you to call an external service with HTTP. You can add headers and customize the body of the message as seen below.