Software Libraries

There are a few software libraries that can be used to integrate applications with Humio from a variety of programming languages.


Recommended, but not Supported

These software libraries are recommended for use with Humio but are not supported by Humio. For support, please contact the corresponding software library community.

If you are looking for a way to send logs and metrics, though, it's usually better to use a log shipper. See the Log Shippers documentation for a list of them. However, if your needs are simple or you want to have a client that uses Humio's administrative API, below is a list of software libraries for interfacing with Humio:

Erlang / Elixir

This library implements a Lager backend for logging directly to Humio in BEAM-based languages such as Erlang or Elixir.

See the Lager backend for Humio log management system on GitHub for more information.

JS / Browser

You can log JavaScript errors to Humio using humio.js. It's excellent for embedding in a website and will send any JavaScript errors to a Humio repository.


The NodeJS library humio-node is a simple client that allows you to send data to Humio and run queries and aggregations.

Currently humio-node can't run in the browser. If you're looking for a browser integration, check out humio.js above.

Python API Client

If you are using Python in your project, take a look at our Python library on GitHub.

It works as a helpful wrapper around the Humio web API, supporting many different operations, which include:

  • Querying your Humio repositories

  • Ingesting data into your Humio repositories

  • Managing users on your Humio instance

As is customary for Python packages, the full documentation can be found at readthedocs.